• The value of developing your leadership potential and skills
      • The value of successfully preparing for new responsibilities
      • The value of gaining increased self-awareness
      • The value of developing professional and interpersonal skills
      • The value of identifying strengths and weaknesses, and building upon those strengths
      • The value of having a supportive and confidential Executive or Life Coach


      • Your effective and inspirational LEADERSHIP
      • Your ability to manage transformational CHANGE
      • Your ability to successfully manage CONFLICT
      • Your ability to establish a top-functioning TEAM
      • Your ability to find BALANCE in your life


      • Experience the shift and transformation in your own ability to offer exceptional leadership
      • Envision future roles and responsibilities
      • Experience change-leadership
      • Effectively manage conflict and resistance to change
      • Effectively manage life changes and opportunities

Why Choose Us?

      • Member of the International Coach Federation
      • Guided by the IFC Code of Ethics
      • Experience in Executive Coaching, Pastoral Care, and Counseling
      • Experience in Institutional Leadership
      • Experience in Leadership Consulting for individuals, Boards of Directors, and Institutions
      • Experience in serving a wide variety of Not-for-Profit Community organization


What Client’s Say

“Coaching is all about having someone believe in you and encourage you, about getting valuable feedback, about seeing things from new perspectives and setting your sights on new horizons.”
Author Unknown
I have been afforded the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the students within by building every day. This opportunity comes with great responsibility; it requires making tough decisions, carrying out thoughtful discourse, reviewing data and building strong relationships to support the school’s vision and mission. Whether you are an athlete or an educator, dedication to the execution of your craft is an ongoing routine which requires a second set of eyes to make sure you are practicing the right drills and accomplishing your goals ‘in the game’.  I have been fortunate to have a dynamic coach to support my efforts for the past eight months. Mr. Bill Clarkson has provided on-going executive coaching which has changed my perspective on the way I tackle puzzles to solve.  During our executive coaching sessions, we have established a great working relationship; geared to improving my practices and stretching my thinking.  Through this process, I have learned a lot about my personal and professional nuances that impact the way I complete my work. I have developed a unique perspective on my leadership by acknowledging and embracing my personal and professional values and beliefs as well as my work language. This clarity provides me with the tools to support my work on a daily basis.  I would strongly recommend coaching to any individual!
Alison C. Shelton
I was not surprised by the “life wisdom” that Bill brought to our partnership as aresult of his forty-plus years of school and pastoral leadership.  His broad background as an independent school head and Episcopal priest are ideal for this type of work and he clearly has passion to be a servant-leader for the next generation. However, I was surprised and impressed by the degree of formal training he has pursued to prepare himself fully for this “coaching” space.  While I was one of his first clients, it felt like Bill was a seasoned professional coach.  No learning curve here.  Our regular meetings and conversations have expanded my understanding of my leadership and will help me to serve my school community with far greater discernment and effectiveness.  Thank you, Bill!
John Marshall
As a school administrator for 16 years, I have attended and participated in a myriad of professional development opportunities.  None of those experiences come close to the impact and energy that comes from working with an executive coach like Bill Clarkson. I have become a more reflective, focused, and accountable school leader because of the personal approach, expertise, and experience that Bill Clarkson and Carney Sandoe bring to the transformational relationship between a coach and a school leader.
Paul Barton


Our Happy Clients